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We have saved

635040 ton

in CO2 emissions from January 2011 through the use of recycled glass!





Vidrala strongly supports innovation which is why their R&D&I dept., exclusively dedicated to developing new solutions with a special focus on product improvement of the final product delivered to the client, is so important. This guarantees its intrinsic quality, heightened flexibility of range and speed in terms of market response.

The production of glass packaging, in spite of intensive incorporation of technology, still maintains some process variables that often remain under the control of the empirical knowledge that is gained over many years of experience. The first innovative effort that Vidrala is undertaking is focused on automatically controlling all stages of the process, from the glass fusing to the final inspection and respective shipping.

Therefore, some of the more relevant technology that we are currently phasing into use, extending to all the productive installations, are:

  • Smart control for running melting furnaces
  • Automatic control of geometry, mass, and thermal conditions for glass drop formation
  • Closed-loop control systems for thermal control and mould pressure control
  • Artificial vision in visible and I-R spectra for quality inspection during the moulding (hot-end) phase
  • Automatic sampling in the moulding machine (hot-end) with statistical process control
  • Latest generation unit inspection machines, with high-definition artificial vision and self-learning algorithms;
  • Smart control of warehouses via pallet unit identification with RFID

The previous examples – a small sample which does not include all the new technological apparatus included in our processes – clearly demonstrate our “obsession” with process control. At Vidrala, we understand that an industrial process is only controlled if it is repetitive, without variability and insensitive to individual “art”. Therefore, we are investing heavily in monitoring and automating all the important process variables.

In addition to process innovation, we have placed our focus on product engineering tools that make product innovation and development more dynamic, seeking to make them more functional (lighter and more resistant), more attractive (design and personalization), and more sustainable and efficient in their life cycle (production, use and recycling). That is why we are integrating into our process the most powerful tools for three-dimensional design, thermal and fluid dynamics simulation (CFD), as well as rapid-prototyping systems that enable us to speed up time-to-market with a maximum quality guarantee.

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Contador de CO2

Hemos dejado de emitir

635040.44 ton

Toneladas de CO2 desde Enero de 2011 gracias al uso de vidrio reciclado!

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