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We have saved

642353 ton

in CO2 emissions from January 2011 through the use of recycled glass!




Recycling glass containers is a simple process. Bottles and jars that are manufactured in the glass production plant are transported towards the bottling site where they are filled in with food or liquid products. Those food and liquid products are then shipped through the different distribution channels. From this network, the packed finished products are bought by consumers or the hotel & restaurant industry for their final consumption. Today the operation of taking used glass to recycling banks is something common among various operators in the chain: bottling plants (which throws bottles at the end of their life cycle after various re-filling operations or because of breakage during filling operation), the hotel & restaurant industry and the final consumers.

All these glass containers are part of what is now known as “recycling” which consists in picking up used glass containers, removing contaminants, and crushing it to obtain cullet. The clean cullets used as a raw material is then melted with the rest of the batch, sand, soda ash and limestone to manufacture  a whole new range of bottles and jars for supply to our customeres. Glass has demonstrated itself to be one of the most sustainable packing systems for the enviroment. It is 100% recyclable, time and time again and it comes from largely available natural resources through a simple and non-polluting extracting process.

For all these reasons, glass is the natural ecological packing material.


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We stopped issuing

642352.98 toneladas

Tonnes of CO2 from January 2011 through the use of recycled glass!

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Hemos dejado de emitir

642352.98 ton

Toneladas de CO2 desde Enero de 2011 gracias al uso de vidrio reciclado!

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