Choose glass, choose Vidrala.

Our Identity

We produce more than 8 billion glass containers a year so as to bring us a little closer to the world we want to live in: to be more sustainable, committed, healthy, respectful towards our planet.


At Vidrala, we consider it essential to ensure the sustainable development of our business, and this means focusing on people and the environment, going beyond short-term solutions.

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More than 50 years

Our history

Since 1965, the Vidrala Group has been working to incorporate the latest technological developments into the production of packaging so that it can contribute to society. A successful track record that has made us the benchmark company in the sale and manufacture of glass containers.

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Vidrala Academy

Vidrala Academy

The Academy seeks to respond to the demand from other glass packaging companies for greater productivity and operational efficiency.

Vidrala Academy provide internal support in all European factories within the Group, and they travel around the world, supporting the global glass industry by sharing the best ways of working to achieve manufacturing excellence.

We offer tailor-made service and technical support packages.

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Glass is a material that comes from mixing various natural minerals such as soda, silica sand, limestone, and the recycled glass itself. The glass-making process uses furnaces that reach temperatures of 1600°C where these elements fuse together for latter moulding according to the function the glass will fulfil.

Productive process

We apply innovation and the most advanced technology to all phases of our production process. From the selection of raw materials to distribution, we work on continuous optimisation, which allows us to achieve top quality packaging.

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Advantages of glass

Sustainability, health and versatility. The benefits of glass compared to other forms of packaging make it the perfect choice for product preservation and consumer experience.

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We are Vidrala

We are a team of people dedicated to making glass a greener, healthier, more economical and more attractive product. We are open to the world, attentive to how it changes and with the initiative to improve it through glass. We undertake projects to improve glass or its manufacture always looking to surprise ourselves first with the vision of moving the illusion.

What can we tell you about our projects?

We approach projects to improve glass or its manufacture, always striving to surprise ourselves first with the vision of transferring the illusion.

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We were the first company in the sector and the first in Spain to use RFID technology in our warehouses to have a perfect traceability. We have moved this technology to other internal processes and we incorporated robotics and big data well before we knew that was called Industry 4.0.

We also have a worldwide patent for technology that measures the capacity of containers without using water, quickly and economically.

We are working to reduce energy consumption by recovering heat in projects like the Tasio.

We have brought the simulation to all aspects of the process. The glass by its viscoelastic character and its properties of volumetric radiation is one of the most difficult current materials to simulate. In collaborative projects with different universities and companies, we are developing the simulation of glass to achieve lighter and more resistant packaging.

We transform the world manufacturing glass containers

Choose glass as a lifestyle

Social Responsibility Programme

Go as far as you want

At Vidrala we consider it essential to achieve sustainable development of our business, which requires us to centre on the person and environment, going beyond the short-term result.

To this effect, we foster the satisfaction of people working with us, seeking their involvement in the project.

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