Advantages of glass

What is glass?

Glass is a material made from a mixture of various components abundant in nature, such as soda, silica sand, limestone and recycled glass itself. Glass is manufactured using furnaces that reach up to 1,600°C in which these elements are fused together and then moulded according to the function they are to perform.


Completely recyclable material

Glass is recycled using the same manufacturing process that allows it to be handled over and over again without losing any of its properties and benefits.

The healthiest packaging

It is a completely hygienic material, impermeable to gases, vapours and liquids, which protects and preserves the taste and properties of food.

It adapts to your needs

It offers the capacity to adopt any shape and thus favours efficiency in the transport and distribution of all types of products, as well as facilitating ergonomics for consumers.

Quality and good taste

Glass always brings added value of good taste and elegance. Brands design the packaging by giving it different shapes and colours to give their product a personality of its own.


The fact that it is made from natural and abundant raw materials makes it the most sustainable packaging material, unlike those made from limited fossil resources.

Withstands high temperatures

The advantage of glass is that it withstands high temperatures and allows its contents to be heated in the microwave without migration, simplifying cooking tasks.