The most sustainable and ethically responsible containers

Making the most ethically responsible and sustainable containers in the world

As we grow and invest, we must do so in a way that continues reducing the overall impact of our manufacturing processes. For us, sustainability does not only mean reducing our carbon footprint, although this is an essential element. Rather, we see sustainability as a compilation of four basic principles built around our People, Populations, Planet and Prosperity.

4P Sustainability strategy

Glass made good

At Vidrala, we believe that having a sustainable business model has a direct impact on our social, environmental, and economic positioning. Therefore, for many years now, sustainability has been at the core of our operations. Sustainability may be a broad concept. But for Vidrala, everything we do - from the way we manufacture our glass containers to the transportation methods we choose, including how we act as individuals - is linked to our four pillars as a responsible company: Prosperity, People, Planet and Populations.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development Goals

The SDGs complement the 4P strategy, ensuring their alignment with the UN’s plan to attain a better, fairer, and more sustainable future. Below, we highlight the most relevant goals in our strategy:

SDG9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

To face the challenges of the future and making sure we have a resilient infrastructure for the future, we have invested in incorporating innovating manufacturing equipment and alternative energy solutions into our activity. Developing sustainable industrial processes and incorporating clean technologies, such as electrostatic precipitation systems, will contribute to ensuring our sustainability in the long term.

SDG 7 Affordable and Clean Energy

Accelerating the use of renewable energies is key to facing the climate crisis, especially in industries that consume a lot of energy, as is the case of glass containers manufacturing. Therefore, we are committed to incorporating renewable energies into our industrial processes and also to improving our energy efficiency.

SDG13 Climate Action

The impact of climate change is already being seen and will worsen if appropriate measures are not taken. Reducing our carbon footprint and minimising our climate impact are key for us. We have therefore invested in more energy-efficient furnaces, and also in switching to renewable energy sources to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. We have also recently presented a goal in line with the ambition to limit global warming to levels below 1.5 ºC to be validated by the Science-based Targets initiative (SBTi).

SDG5 Gender Equality

Maximising gender equality opportunities in the manufacturing industry is an important goal. We are committed to driving the hiring, training, development and professional career of both women and men in manufacturing positions and believe that by doing so, we are a stronger and more resilient organisation.

SDG12 Responsible Consumption and Production

The efficient use of natural resources and investing in new technologies to improve our sustainable glass packaging production methods is key. We work with organisations to increase the quantity and quality of recycled glass. This reduces our demand for new natural resources, minimising waste and contributing to a more circular economy.

SDG8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

We recognise the importance of sustainable economic development and creating high-quality working conditions for our staff. We are committed to offering our employees satisfactory full-time job positions, with a set of employee benefits and we drive a healthy work-life balance.

SDG15 Life on Land

Protecting our planet is one of our company's key values. We try to preserve natural resources, where possible, and also to contribute to developing and promoting biodiversity.

SDG4 Quality Education

Providing quality education is key to creating a peaceful and prosperous world. Education offers people the knowledge and skills they need to stay healthy, get a job and promote tolerance.


Our long-term success as a company is closely linked to sustainability. When working in accordance with our national and international environmental commitments, we reduce wastage to a minimum and maximise opportunities, while becoming an attractive sustainable company for investors. This means we can continue reinvesting in our plants, creating a virtuous business model, conducive to a truly circular economy.

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The people working at Vidrala are a key asset and driving their development is essential for our growth as a sustainable company. We are committed to supporting the well-being and health of our employees and to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion.

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We pride ourselves on placing sustainability at the core of our operations: from our products to transportation, we are responsible for investing in an eco-friendlier future. As a company, we are always looking to go further and to find new ways of having a positive impact on the planet.

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Vidrala plants are located throughout Europe. The communities around us support us on a daily basis and many of our employees call these places home. Therefore, it is important to give something back and work with clients and ethical suppliers, to continue our positive impact as job creators with whom local people feel proud to live.

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Our ambition: to create the first zero-emission glass containers

Science-Based Targets (SBT) have been approved. We have the most ambitious targets in the category, ensuring that the organisation acts in a way that contributes to preventing planet temperature from increasing more than 1.5 ºC compared to pre-industrial levels.

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At Vidrala, we consider it essential to ensure the sustainable development of our business, and this means focusing on people and the environment, going beyond short-term solutions.


Recycling glass containers is a simple process. Bottles and jars that are manufactured in the glass production plant are transported towards the bottling site where they are filled in with food or liquid products.

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Vidrala Group has certified management systems that guarantee our glass manufacturing for food packaging in terms of safety, legallity & inocuity, in a safe and healthy way for our people and with a responsible environmental behaviour.

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